EBN offers a professional solution to all your European Freighting and Logistical requirements. With a vastly experienced staff, who are skilled in all areas of operation, from Customs intervention to complete project compilation, co-ordination and dispersal offering a seamless solution to any freighting. EBN already have Household names on their Client register, and interact with them every day. Our Local, Regional, Country wide and European Knowledge, allow us to draw on years of experience to provide for you the customer, a faultless service, at a competitive price, with support and interaction available in a multi-lingual package, in order to facilitate smooth and controlled transit of your traffics.

We are in daily contact with our Parent Company (CLD) in Italy. In co-operation with the skilled and professional team there, we offer a fully integrated package, which includes movement by Sea and Road, in both Full and part Loads. We aim to build lasting and mutually beneficial working relationships with all of our Clients through excellent communications, efficient services and professional attention to detail, improving daily our performance standards.

In conclusion, our Personnel, experience and vision, place us at the absolute centre of the Freight Business in Europe, (and beyond) with the ability and network, to handle all types of business, with the same unique professional overview, and we look forward to being able to extend this service to you.


EBN can offer a very high standard of care for you and your cargo. Our Operatives both in the UK and Italy, are highly trained personnel, who have many years of experience, and can handle any situation.

Part of our system, includes a check-list with an Interaction between office staff, and Drivers. This process ensures that the Driver is aware of the type of cargo he is loading, and provides for any stowage or securing equipment needed, as dictated by the goods.

Our drivers are also all equipped with personal safety equipment, boots, safety glasses, High viz vest, and Trailer stops, all as standard equipment.

We ensure by careful route planning, and secure overnight parking, that our Drivers have an uneventful trip from loading to destination, and in particular they are advised regarding Illegal immigrants entering the vehicle for passage to the UK, in respect of the Code of Practice, and English Law concerning the Prevention of Clandestine Entrants in the UK. Whilst the Drivers interact with the Ferry Companies, each and every time when crossing the Channel, they also make frequent checks en route, to alleviate this problem.

We go a little further than most Companies to ensure a smooth and safe transit for your goods, without delays, or complications, and by this method we are able to Control, and co-ordinate your traffic, without any problem.

"Code of Practice" PDF
"Prevention of Clandestine Entrants in the UK" PDF