• Direct examination and assessment of traffic flows within each company, in cooperation with the company departments involved
  • Re-organizing transport, identifying traffic types and directives and through assessment of these
  • Monitoring any corrective action intended to minimise costs through enforcing contracts and using the EBN transport network, and reporting the savings made
  • Savings in terms of Time and Human Resources, using centralized managing and monitoring operations for transport invoices
  • Assessment of possible outsourcing for shipping and warehouse operations for Customers
  • Increasing professionalism with a dedicated management team


  • Partial or total management of Customer warehouse and shipping department with obvious financial, operating and practical advantages.
  • Receiving and packing goods
  • Bar-coding and positioning on goods
  • Picking using radio frequency identifiers and output monitoring
  • Worldwide delivery of goods using our distribution network
  • Total shipping management from the Supplier to our Customer's production line and from end of line to final delivery around the Globe.
  • Centralized information with direct Internet access for Customers
  • On-line connections with our forwarding agents in order to monitor freight tracking
  • State-of-the-art software for excellent warehouse management